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On this website you will find interesting facts and insights about the stories in Charles Mitchell’s current collection, Beach Time: Tales from Several Shores, and from his earlier work, Hues of Tokyo: Tales of Today’s Japan.
Charles Mitchell grew up in the sand hills of Sumter, South Carolina, and on the sandy beaches of Wrightsville Beach and Harbor Island, North Carolina. He spent his teen years in the South Carolina state capitol of Columbia. He has lived in both Asia (Korea) and Europe (Greece) and on both the East (South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia) and West Coasts (Monterey, California) of the United States. He currently resides in McLean, Virginia. After retiring from a career in the US Air Force, he began a second career in consulting.
[Note: The logo image at the top of each page was taken at the southern tip of Wrightsville Beach Island in April, 1999. See the story “Ashes in the Inlet.” The photo of the author was taken at Hunting Island, South Carolina, 03 December 2006.]
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